Black Mulberry Preserve

The benefits of mulberry preserve are invaluable. In season, the berry has the ability to bind free radicals and remove toxins and toxins from the body, it is a storehouse of vitamins (C, E, K, B), it includes a lot of potassium, which is useful for people suffering from pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, restores kidney function, helps get rid of edema, adjusts the level of pressure for hypertension, has diuretic properties, is endowed with a mild choleretic effect, eliminates inflammatory processes in the body, acts on liver function, helps with hepatitis, strengthens the barrier functions of the body, is endowed with the ability to regenerate cells, promotes the rapid production of milk during lactation, does not cause allergic reactions and is acceptable for allergy sufferers and children from six months, is not a high-calorie product and is considered an excellent treat for weight watchers women.


Vol. – 440 gr